What apps do you use? How do you send out client galleries?

This is a constant question I get asked! There are so many apps out there that all different kinds of photographers use. Many also ask which website platform/client gallery delivery is the best. Well my friend, I'm going to let you in on my many photo secrets today!


Lightroom (duh!)

If you don't already know, Lightroom is an Adobe photo editing software for web AND phone! My photos are always taken through Lightroom to give clients beautiful photos. I've heard from a lot of people who are not photo savvy get confused because where are the filters?!! Lightroom is not VSCO, oh my it's so much more. Let's put it this way, VSCO slaps a filter on top of your photo giving it more layers which decreases the quality. Lightroom on the other hand, if you shoot in RAW, is able to get in those nitty gritty exposure, contrast, saturation, etc levels. It's able to actually change the photo itself instead of slapping another layer of editing on it. So much more capabilities with Lightroom & shooting in RAW!


This app is amazing because you can create all kinds of pretty collages out of so many templates they give you. Perfect for Instagram stories! I use it constantly for sneak peeking client galleries, advertising & marketing, or just having a space to put together some pretty photos.


Canva is somewhat similar to the idea that you can use templates to advertise & market but on another level. Unfold just gives you blocks to fill in photos but Canva already has ads, business cards, facebook cover, etc templates set out for you. You can create any kind of Instagram or Facebook post, poster, brochure, youtube thumbnail, the odds are endless! I've just recently started using it & so far I"m loving how quick & easy it is to make your own quick graphic for any kind of needs.


I couldn't recommend this app more. You're able to plan you're instagram feed so you can see what looks good & what doesn't. Even better it connects to multiple Instagram accounts so you can see what you've already posted & won't have to add all of those posted photos to the app. I used to have a totally separate & private random Instagram account just for planning my feed & let me tell ya, UNUM is a life saver. Gave that up immediately & now I use UNUM on a daily.

Caption Writer

This app isn't anything crazy but it definitely helps me with my Instagram bio or captions. What it does is put spaces in between your captions or bio. The one thing Instagram is lacking on is being able to hit the return key & make a space so your captions just look better and more readable to your viewers. Love this little app for all my caption needs!

My Website/Client Gallery Secret!


Since I released my website a couple of weeks ago, I've gotten questions like, "How did you put together your site?" or "How do you deliver client galleries?". Well, my secret is simply Pixieset! What is awesome about it is that I have my site & client gallery all in the same place. No logging into separate sites where all my photo info is scattered. I'm super organized so having the two things I use frequently in the same place is perfect!