Posing is HARD.

Learning how to pose your subject is one of those things that a lot of photographers, amateur or pro, have a hard time getting a grip on. Especially with one person, whether it be portraits or senior photos, its even more hard. Where do I put their hands? How do I loosen them up so they're not so stiff? How to I get those raw emotions? These are questions many of us ask ourselves before a shoot & even during. I can't say I've mastered the art of posing & I know all kinds of poses off the top of my head but I have definitely had the experience in screwing up in posing many people, learning from it, & now comfortable sharing my secrets with you. I'm gonna take you through my 5 favorite individual poses that anyone can do & your client will have the best time with!

#1 Jump!

Prompt: Get your subject where you want them & tell them to hop up & down quickly in one spot. Tell them to move their arms around whether it be through their hair or like their flying! Overall, make sure they have fun with this one!

#2 Heavy Laughter

Prompt: Have your subject lean in towards you & tell them to give their biggest laugh!

#3 Wakeup Stretch

Prompt: Have your subject stand or sit & tell them to give their biggest reach towards the camera like they just woke up! Make sure their hands are relaxed while reaching.

#4 The "Whatever" Strut

Prompt: Tell your subject to walk towards you, with one foot in front of the other, slowly while swinging their arms around laughing. You can even tell them to throw in a spin if you're feeling confident!

#5 I'm a Ball!

Prompt: Have your subject pull their legs in to their chest as close as they can & wrap their arms around their legs like they're a ball.